Coaching and Training

Dental Coaching Institute offers coaching and training to help the average dental practice become spectacular!

No two practices are alike – in fact, no two practice’s challenges are alike either! Because of that, we build a coaching or training program to suit your practice’s specific needs. Our coaching programs include a variety of options, including monthly coaching calls, Dental Intel and Call Insights licenses, on-site reviews of business systems and observations of your practice, training days, etc… the options are endless and based upon your practice’s make-up, needs, and desired outcomes. Check out our coaching packages below for more information.

The QuickStart Option

This option is a great start for any practice and provides a combination of on-site training and data driven evaluations.


1.5 Day On-Site Training: based upon mutual agenda set by Dr(s) and Coach and observational findings from on-site evaluation; Top 5 actions will be covered.

  • First half day: (morning) on-site observation; (afternoon) no patients, team training
  • Second Half Day: (morning) no patients, team training


  • Prep Call
  • Dental Intel Snapshot
  • Team Survey
  • DISC assessments for Doctors (add-on option for entire team)
  • 30-day follow-up Zoom video session (recorded)

Add-ons: Comprehensive Findings Report

Virtual Business Advisor

This is a great solution for those who want coaching but are interested in a virtual option.


2 Coaching Zoom calls per month: virtual coaching and support.


  • Email Support
  • Dental Intel License
  • Call Insights License
  • Access to DCI Client Resource Website

Recommendations: 12 month program recommended, minimum commitment of 6 months.

DCI’s Flagship Comprehensive
Team Coaching Package

If your practice wants access to all of DCI’s tools, this is the package for you!


On-Site Optimizer & Training Days

  • Full Day: up to 8 hours, onsite review to create game plan to grow the practice 25% or more
  • Consecutive Training Day: with Dr(s) and Team based upon Optimizer findings and mutual agenda of Dr(s) and Coach.
  • Two additional 1.5 day onsite training sessions, 3-4 months apart.
  • Two 45-minute doctor/leadership calls per month


  • Dental Intel License
  • Call Insights License
  • Access to DCI’s Client Resource Website
  • DISC assessments for the entire team PLUS 5 for hiring
  • Team Survey
  • On-site Training Days
  • Email Support
  • DCI Training Materials
  • Fee Schedule Analysis

Recommendations: 12 month program recommended

Team Retreats

Does your team need a getaway? Why not combine a retreat type event with training and CE credit? A winning combo!


8 hours of Team Training: Whether you’re looking for a beach retreat, a mountain escape, a magical Disney locale, or an at-home/in-office gathering, we’d love the opportunity to customize a package just for you. Using our meeting planner contacts at locations we love, you are sure to walk away with world-class training all in an environment designed just for you. We work with your budget and provide you options tailored to your desired outcomes. 


  • Custom Training Topic
  • Prep Calls
  • Training and Materials
  • Continuing Education Credit for your entire team
  • Rest, Relaxation, and FUN at a location of your choice!


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