What if you Could have the life of your dreams?  What if you Could wake up every day and love what you do, as well as “how” you do it?  Would you want to know how?  Or would you just assume it’s some elusive goal for someone else?

In this episode, Penny Reed interviews Dr. David Rice on what makes the top 2% of dentists and their practices different.  He shares tips on leadership, culture and habits that set those dentists apart from the rest.  You definitely want to tune in to this episode.

About Dr. David Rice:

Dr. David Rice is the founder of the nations largest student and new dentist community, igniteDDS.  He travels the world speaking, writing and connecting today’s top dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices.  In addition to igniteDDS, Dr. Rice maintains a team-centered, restorative and implant practice in East Amherst, NY.  With 26 years of practice in the books, he has completed curriculums at the Spear Center, The Pankey Institute, The Dawson Center and most prolifically, the school of hard knocks…

Connect with Dr. Rice at www.ignitedds.com or on Instagram at @ignitedds