Could Your Image Be Holding You Back?

Image not only shapes the patient’s first impression, it shapes their perception. No one knows more about this topic than Dentistry’s Image Expert, Janice Hurley, as a matter of fact, she is known as the “Expert To The Experts”. I have worked with Janice personally and heard her present to many dental audiences. Janice has the power to transform the image of individuals and teams. Appearance is only part of the equation – the level of confidence her clients exude after experiencing her work is undeniable. As patients continue to have more choices when selecting a dental provider as well as find themselves paying more out of pocket for their cost of care – image is more important than ever. This is a session you will want to hear and very likely, share with your team.

Janice Hurley has worked as a consultant to the dental profession for more than 25 years. In addition to dentistry, she has worked with over 100 different companies, many of them Fortune 500 clients.

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