As the country enters it’s final phases of reopening, the practice of dentistry is getting back in sync.  Checkout the latest post from ADA News which states that 1 in 10 practices are back to business as usual.


In many ways, I believe that we will come out of this better and stronger.  With a renewed focus on safety for all, there likely isn’t a dental practice owner out there who hasn’t come to the realization that their chair time is valuable.  I believe it’s value is greater than ever before.


What does this mean?  It’s a huge call to action

  • To have a greater understanding of our practice numbers, specifically, our cost of doing business and what the practice must collect per hour for the owners to receive compensation
  • To kindly and lovingly raise our standards with patients who do not value our chair time and do not keep their appointments
  • To be intentional and proactive in how we structure our schedule so that each and every day we can not only be safe, we have a more “high-value” schedule.


We have put together a recovery guide page, for your reference. Click here to go to the Recovery Guide Page. This guide highlights your top resources to be as prepared as possible to return to practice, full steam ahead.


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