Dr Roy Shelburne is a nationally known speaker and writer who focuses on maximizing legitimate reimbursement, increasing revenue, reducing risk, and lowering stress for dental practices…and, most importantly…keeping other healthcare professionals out of prison. Having practiced for almost 43 years, Dr Shelburne has a wealth of knowledge. Listen in as he and Penny discuss tele-dentistry, reimbursements, HIPAA, and how COVID19 has and will continue to impact the way you do the business of dentistry.

Dr Shelburne can be found practicing at The Appalachian Dental Group in Jonesville, VA. You can find out more about him at royshelburne.com.

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April 24, 2020 Update from the ADA on PPE Coding

Less than 48 hours after the recording of this podcast, that ADA released their guidance on billing for PPE.  The current recommended code for filing is D1999.  This doesn’t mean it is reimbursable, yet this is the recommended code for filing.  See the ADA’s statement here https://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2020-archive/april/ada-advocates-that-third-party-payers-should-modify-fee-schedules