Most of you are currently faced or have recently been faced with the decision to try and pay team members for several weeks or do layoffs. Every dental business will have to make the best choice for their practice, based on their unique situation. We recommend reaching out to your accountant directly for advice on your options for your state.

One of the best resources we have seen to date comes from CEDR Solutions.  Click this link to see their most recent updates regarding handling employee compensation and lay-offs.

In the event that layoffs are the best option for your business in order to sustain it short and long term, it is important to communicate this in the best way possible.  First and foremost, talk with the team collectively and in-person. Let them know what a difficult decision this is and one that you never imagined having to make.  For most of you, your dental team is like family, and for many team members, may be the only family they have. When having these conversations with your team, do your best to speak from the heart and be sincere and open about doing all that you can to support them during this time and to be sure there is a solvent business for them to return to. Let them know how much you care about them and that they are not being let go. Also convey to them that you will return them to work as soon as the state gives permission for that to happen and you deem that it is safe to do so.

In addition to the conversation, be sure they are all are given a letter regarding the layoff. Again, thanks to CEDR Solutions we are able to provide you with a sample layoff letter that you can customize and utilize with your team.

We are pulling for you, your team, and our industry as a whole. If we can be of any assistance, please reach out.