Dental Retreats

Dental Coaching Institute offers Dental Retreats, an awesome way to reward a winning team or to help create breakthroughs to take your team to the next level – a fabulous dental retreat experience! Create the ideal retreat to bring your team together for fun and learning in a relaxed setting at a destination of your choice….or we can help you pick a great one!

Retreats can energize and generate creativity from your team when held in beautiful, relaxing settings away from ringing phones and the fast pace of a dental practice. The educational portion of your retreat will be designed according to your time allotted for training, topic choice and desired outcome.

Our Most Popular 8-hour Training Sessions

Two 4-hour Morning Sessions

We typically recommend the educational hours be in the morning from 8am until noon on the first two days of your retreat. Starting the morning with a healthy breakfast after a well-rested evening is the ideal scenario for learning and interaction! You will then break for lunch and have fun-filled excursions or adventurous activities scheduled for the rest of the day with your team.

Two 4-hour Sessions – Morning and Afternoon

We can also accommodate two 4-hour sessions of learning on the same day, morning and afternoon. With this training session, we recommend a light lunch followed by a light activity to help regenerate energy and avoid the mid-afternoon slump.

The Achiever’s Choice

 A Day and A Half – The Ultimate Break-through Experience

The additional time with this option gives you and your team more time to learn as well as practice new skills. We recommend an 8am start on day one, with a long break during lunchtime. We will reconvene in the afternoon for a two-hour session. On the second day, we will meet from 8am to 12pm and then you and your team may stay and sightsee or make your way back home. 

Create Your Own

Choose one of the above or create your own! That’s the benefit of hosting your own dental retreat…you get to be in charge of the details and the outcome! Contact us today to explore your options!

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