Penny’s Presentation Topics

Growing Your Dental Business

What you need to know to manage the primary components of your practice as well as continue to grow.
• Learn the critical trends in dental business and the economical impact on your practice

• Discover the 5 primary keys to Growing Your Dental Business

• Adapt and thrive in today’s dental economy

The Power of Culture in Your Practice

Create your Practice Culture

• Establish an environment that gets your team on board

• Discover the Five Drivers that determine the growth of your practice

• Identify the characteristics you and your team must have for continued growth and results

Turn Your Team into a Marketing Machine

Want to grow your practice without breaking the bank?

• Learn how to boost your image and your practice with a purpose

• Excite, energize and engage your team with ways they can directly assist in growing the practice

The Coachable, Capable, & Unstoppable Dental Team

• Why coachability is so important and how it positively impacts every member of the team & your practice’s bottom line

• How to cultivate teh one high level skill that will positively impact your team and patient relationships

• What it means to be a team player and how everyone plays a role in contributing to the ongoing success of the practice

Dental Metrics & the Wizard of Oz

• Discover the numbers you should be tracking to make the best decisions

• Identify your OZ, what to look for in your practice

• Identify flying monkeys and how to stay ahead of potential downturns in your productivity and profitability

Driving Case Acceptance

Be More Like Disney, Less Like the IRS

• Learn how to be more like Disney in your approach to engaging the patient and inspiring them to want their ideal treatment.

• Discover the case killers that most practices are currently doing that confuse and turn off the patient.

• Identify the most powerful strategies, questions, and phrases you must implement to have our patients schedule today.

• Simplify the financial agreement process to make it easier for patients to say yes.