For most dental practices, it’s been 7+ weeks since you were full steam ahead in your office. As many doctors and office managers bring their teams back to work we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. None of us could have been prepared for a pandemic and to say that we’ve been rattled a bit, as an industry and a country, is an understatement.

One of the greatest positives to come from this unfortunate time is the camaraderie and collaboration between dental colleagues. One of our clients said just last week, “I’ve spoken to more of my dental school friends in the last month than I have in the 15 years since dental school.” I believe that is so important. We need each other now more than ever.

Now the coach in me must step out with a WORD OF CAUTION: Be sure to get your information for the experts. What exactly am I saying? Well, we wouldn’t want our patients advising or diagnosing their friends and family on their dental needs, would we? It could be dangerous.

We see the same thing happening on social media. With the best of intentions, dentists, dental teams, even fellow coaches and consultants are advising one another on areas that they don’t have an expertise in. When it comes to legal and regulatory matters (PPP, PPE, HR issues with bringing back team members) – it’s a dangerous game. Invest the additional time and resources now to avoid costly chaos and potential legal matters later.

One of the true gems that I have uncovered as a coach during this time is CEDR Solutions’ HR Base Camp. At the same time, we must be sure that we are following the experts’ advice (in this case Paul Edwards and his team) and not the other members of the group. Why? Because we don’t know how accurate it is AND when emotions and tensions are high we go with the answers we want to hear.

There is good news and an awesome resource. CEDR Solutions is offering a Free (not sure for how long) HR Vault. It is an incredible tool anytime, yet right now, they are including items such as a formal letter to give your team when bringing them back to work. If you need support beyond the vault – be sure you get it from a company like CEDR.

HR Guide On How to Reopen
Click on the link above then sign up for their HR Vault (free at the time of this posting) 

Dentists and office managers, if you aren’t currently working with a company like CEDR HR Solutions, now is the time to do so. It will minimize your current headaches and could save your future heartache and thousands of dollars.

Be safe out there and let’s get back to creating some magic in our dental practices.